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Here are a number of my favorite links and Bookmarks that you may find useful or interesting.


Bio-Diesel articles
Biodiesel Discussion - powered by Infopop
Biodiesel Gear
Biodiesel Web Site
Foolproof biodiesel process Journey to Forever
Fuel Economy
Home Power Magazine - Your Small Scale Renewable Energy (RE) Source
Public Citizen Eye On Energy - Eye On Energy
The Dallas Group Of America, Inc.
University of Idaho Biodiesel Home Page
Vegetable oil instead of diesel- an alternative fuel
Veggie Van, Biodiesel, and Vegetable Oil Fuel
Veggiepower - How to make biodiesel
Canon PowerShot A95 (Refurbished), 5.0 Megapixel, 3x Optical-4.1x Digital Zoom Digital Camera - Preferred Photo
How do I transfer videos from a mini DV tape to my computer
Steve's Digicams - Main Menu
Italia Rail Discover Italy by Train!
Perugia How to reach Perugia by train Perugia OnLine ® How to reach Perugia by train Perugia Umbria Italy
Ryanair.com - FLY CHEAPER
Sydney Heritage Fleet - Sail and Steam Adventures
Welcome to The Travel Insider


Dell Auction
Downloads for Your Dell
Slyck's Guide to The Newsgroups - Intro
The Firmware Page Index
The Firmware Page View topic - UJDA 7xx autopatcher (bootCD) - mpatch v2.0!!! ;)
TigerDirect.com - Computer Parts, PC Components, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Notebooks
Toshiba Support - Model Selector
Toshiba Technical Support - Homepage
Use packet writing software
WinDrivers Computer Tech Support Forums - Sysgear ethernet card
DVD Player Hack List
DVD region patches for dvd-rom players
Windows XP Backup Made Easy
Windows XP Newsgroups
ZDNet Community


Firkin of Libertyville
Good Eats
Henri Bardouin Pastis
Internet Movie Database
K.D. Lang official site . . .
Store Wars Join the Organic Rebellion
Tour de France
Webby Awards
Marriott Box Office


Currency Converter
John T. Reed Publishing Home Page
Landlord Association
National Debt Clock
Smart401k - One question. One answer. (401k Mutual Fund Investment Assistance)


Connoisseur Holidays Afloat in the Heart of Europe
Cuisiland, articles et ustensiles de cuisine, art de la table, arts menagers, vaisselle, verrer
Emory French 101 & 102 - French in Action
En France Magazine
French 121-500 at CLC
French in Action -- Prices
French in Action for Teachers
French in Action
French Language @ About - Resources for Students, Teachers, & Lovers of French
Le Castellet village du Var site officiel de la mairie
Le Francais Spirited Haute Cuisine
Learn French in Boston
Marmiton.org nos recettes, vos recettes de cuisine ! Des recettes pour tous les goûts... Donnez des étoiles à votre cuisine !
Online Dictionary for French English, Spanish English, Italian English, and more.
Paris France ( Official city website ) visiting Paris capital of France
Penton's French 24 All Audio Learning
RATP - Transports en Île-de-France
Verbix -- Conjugate French verbs
Voilà - 3rd Edition


Baldur's Gate Cheats & Hints - Game Revolution
Tales of the Sword Coast
Star Fleet Universe
Tower of Doom Homepage
ADOM Central - The Official Ancient Domains of Mystery Website
Computer Games
Guide to Roguelike Games - Index
Moria at muad.com
NetHack 3.4.3 Home Page
Omega official distribution page
Omegan Nation
Thangorodrim - The Angband Page
The Arreat Summit - Items Rune Words
The Dungeons of Moria
The Sword Coast II
TomeNET Tales of Middle Earth Multiplayer
TOSC Dark Side
Underdogs - computer game listings

VMS Games/Software

$@Home for OpenVMS Hobbyist Program
Index if-archive-games-vms
Index of -pub-docs-interactive-fiction-games-vms
Index of -~beej-moria-mirror-Games-Moria-vms
Other relevant stuff II
Other relevant stuff

Labor & Airline Labor issues

Air-Mechanic.com Chat Page
APA Public Home Page
Aviation News Center [ AviationHeadlines.com ]
Aviation Outsourcing
The Baumert Report
Hot Flash - Fresh Aviation Insights
National Labor College Website
Pilots Defending the Profession
Rank and File Advocate Online
Salary Survey-Based Compensation Data & Software. Career Education Tips. Cost of Living Calculator.
Samuel Gompers Papers
Sandy Pokuta termination - FindLaw for Legal Professionals - Case Law, Federal and State Resources, Forms, and Code
Struggle Against Labor - Mario Tronti
The Mechanic Bulletin Board
Welcome to Save American Jobs!
Welcome to Save Jobs Party!


America's Criminal Class The Congress of the United States. First in a Series
Armed & Secure - Debate Center
Barack Obama - U.S. Senator for Illinois
Cheney Takes Another Spin Around the Washington Revolving Door
Common Dreams
CounterPunch America's Best Political Newsletter
Cult Conversion, Deprogramming, And The Triune Brain
Department of Ethnic Studies - The University of Colorado, Boulder
DubyaSpeak.com We record the damage.
Eliot Spitzer 2006
Essays by Leon Felkins
FIRE - Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Free Market News Network
GWB - NARA Federal Register Executive Orders
Illinois General Assembly Home Page
KR Washington Bureau Knight Ridder News Coverage of Washington and the World
LobbyWatch - The Center for Public Integrity
NESARA - History of NESARA
Opensecrets.org--Money in politics data
Public Citizen Welcome
Quotes from the United States of America's Founding Fathers
Take Back The Media! Our Sponsors
The Club for Growth - Limited Government and Lower Taxes
The New Enlightenment
triune brain
Truth About War [intro]
t r u t h o u t - Marc Ash Standing on the Dead
Ward Churchill - Some People Push Back
William Greider -- For Kindred Spirits and Curious Skeptics
World Socialist Web Site
WorldNetDaily Commentary


Antique Tractor Internet Service - The World's Oldest Web Site for Antique Tractors!
Antique Tractors - Antique Tractor Resource Page
Antique Tractors - The Antique Tractor Shed Photos, History and Information
Antique Tractors - Yesterday's Tractors Antique Tractor Headquarters
Antique Tractors Online.com
Case-International SC Tractor Repair Manuals from RepairManual.com.
Ford tractors and the Ford farm tractors history
New Holland North America
Plough Book Sales Case
Tractor Parts from Restoration Supply Antique Tractor Parts
Tractor Parts From Restoration Supply. Shop on-line for John Deere, Farmall, Ford, Allis Chalmers, Ferguson, and Other Antique
Used Tractor parts, Used Combine parts. John Deere Tractor parts, Ford Tractor parts, Case IH Tractor parts, International Trac
Valu-Bilt Tractor Parts Ford Tractor Parts John Deere Parts & More
Walt's Tractor Parts, LLC Walt's Tractor Parts

Vehicle (mostly VW)

GeWilli's Stuff
TDI HOW TO Shortcuts
TDIClub CCV Modification
Dieselgeek A3-B4 TDI Timing Belt Packages and filters
Metalnerd’s VW TDI Engine Tools
1971 Super Project
Diesel Car online
Gas Prices - MSN Autos
Home Power Magazine - Your Small Scale Renewable Energy (RE) Source
How To Restore Your Volkswagen And Not Spend Your Life Savings
John's Bug Shop Contents
R.A.M.V.A - Aircooled VW Technical Support Index
Ross-Tech Home
Southern Truck Bed - quality, rust free parts, competitiive prices, courteous service
TDI Articles
TDIClub Recent Posts
The BugShop- Welcome Page
The Center for Auto Safety
VW Webring

Not Yet Categorized

Carmel High School in Mundelein Illinois
Celcius and Fahrenheit Converter
Cingular - Send a Message
College of Lake County
Dittmer Family tree
Federal Holidays Calendars from 1997 to 2010
Flight International
Guardian Unlimited
How Things Work - Water, Steam, and Ice
IHSA - Carmel = 6A
John Taylor Gatto - Challenging the Myths of Modern Schooling
Palm Help Forums
Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus
SNOPES - Urban Legends Reference Pages
Temple-Smith Farms
The Antique Radio Club of Illinois - Homepage
The oops list
The World Clock - Time Zones
Time Official U.S. clock
Village of Johnsburg Home Page
WildWNC.org Trees Tulip Tree


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